The Self-Love Project: Day 12

Round 2: Day 12: Principle 5


Using the principles of neuroscience, we are going to anchor self-love even deeper into ourselves as we embark on part 2 of this self-love journey.

Engage the principles and practices each day, just as you have been. Notice what’s different about your experience this time around. Use your journal to work with your experience.

Self-Love Notecards


In Round 2, create an “I am” statement related to the principle of the day. For example, on Round 2: Day 8: Principle 1 – Self-Love is a Spiritual Practice.

My new affirmation is “I am loved.”  And I write this down on my notecard for the day.

At the end of the 21-days, you will have your own Self-Love deck that you can use to pull a Self-Love card of the day after the course ends.