The Self-Love Project

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We All Need Self-Love More Than Ever Right Now!

“Self-Love is a Spiritual Practice.”

– Kelly Bearer, MA, ACHT


A 21-Day Journey of Self-Love

Self-love is not about adding more things to your to-do list and then feeling bad about yourself for not getting to it.

True self-love is about identifying what you need in any given moment and then giving it yourself.

Are you ready to activate more self-love in your life?

Each day, you will receive an email with that day’s Self-Love teaching and practice.

For 21-days, you will receive a short, 5-minute video that you can watch or listen to in the morning as a way to anchor your day in the practice of self-love.

Based on Neuroscience, Inner Child work, Transpersonal Psychology, and Subtle Energy, you will experience a deep, healing shift in the way you relate to yourself and experience the world.

It’s time to active self-love and reconnect to the truth of who you always were.

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Kelly Bearer, MA, ACHT ā€“ Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Iā€™m an advanced certified hypnotherapist and professional counselor who works with adults, adolescents, and pre-teens to overcome addictions, heal past traumas, conquer fear, fix relationships, find happiness and improve careers. Hypnotherapy works to heal your external issues, while also rewiring, updating and optimizing your internal programming, enabling you to live the life you most want for yourself ā€“ free of limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, unhealthy patterns, and negative habits. I offer sessions both online and in person at my Boulder, Colorado office.

Self-Love Never Felt So Good!